Founder 、Chairman : Jerry

Company Profile

 Wecome Business consulting company has 300 employees in Shanghai, sets up tens thousands of enterprises every year, and has multiple branches in Shanghai and branch offices in many provinces of China.

We possess 15 years of experience with regard to the establishment of foreign companies and have many top 500 customers in the world. The top 5 law firms cooperate with us in terms of outsourcing project. The documents we prepared are the same as those the lawyer prepared.

We can provide services, including but not limited to foreign investment policy guidance in Shanghai, and tax planning and other consultations, as well as registration of foreign-funded companies, wholly foreign-owned companies, Sino-foreign joint ventures and representative office, change of foreign-funded companies, financial accounting, personnel visa and outsourcing, and trademark registration.

Our customers from all over the world, most of them from the world top 500 enterprises such as Clarins (France), Fiat (Fabbrica Italian Automobilie Torino), ITOCHU, Teijin (Japan), ZURICH Insurance Group, HUGO BOSS, VOITH, OCJ (Korea), Lotte Department Store, who entrust us to deal with the related business.


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