Registration of Imported Health Care Products Registration and Declaration of Imported Cosmetics Retrieval Outline

The following is a few special thematic outlines for the registration imported cosmetics made by Shanghai Wecome Company for your reference. I hereby stress that, the reprint of any following original articles should be authorized by Wecome Company and make the source! They may not be used in any form of commercial use! Upon discovery of infringement, Wecome Company will reserve the right to defend its own interests by law. 

All imported cosmetics must get the approval number first in China before they can be sold normally. Since 2012, we have been acting as an agent for the registration of imported cosmetic declaration for nearly 10 years so far.

Our customers have had an explosive growth since 2007. Wherein, FRANCE L/OCCITANE, AMWAY and BEFNIO are some of our customers.


Characteristics of our service:

1. We are the earliest batch of companies engaging in the agency of registration. There were only 2-3 companies nationwide in 2002, and we were one of them.

2. Our current volume of business is the lead in the industry. The quantity of simples submitted to the testing institute is very large every month, so the relationship is very good and the time can be shortened.

3. Our technicians are masters and doctors of chemistry, and we also hire several experts from the National FDA Review Center as our consultants. 

Theme One: The latest policy and agency declaration for the registration of cosmetics

Theme Two: Classification for cosmetic registration

Theme Three: Process chart of cosmetic declaration and approval

Theme Four: Cost for cosmetic registration

Theme Five: Required information for cosmetic registration

  • Alex

    Having rich experience in foreign company registration for more than ten years. Dedicated to provide service for foreign investment、investment in China、foreign enterprise tax Planning、declaration for foreign investment enterprise permission、trademark registration and on on. Clients:shiseido(Japan)、wholly-own subsidiary of CNBM and so on.

  • Sherry

    Registered company industry experience with more than ten years

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