No.1 To promote the foreign investment Management System reformation, embodied reformation direction of reducing and releasing regime、Combining management and releasing、optimizing service. On Jul 30th 2017, Carried out record management for foreign investor merge non-foreign investment enterprise and strategic investment policy for list company, which not involving with special management measures and merge or joint management enterprise.

No.2 According to the order issued by the Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China on 2016 No.3 about foreign investment enterprise establishment and record management temporary measures. Since Oct 08th 2016, Carried out record system for foreign investment enterprise which obey country regulation, permitted to enter into China and carrying special management measures.

  • Sherry

    Registered company industry experience with more than ten years

  • Alex

    Having rich experience in foreign company registration for more than ten years. Dedicated to provide service for foreign investment、investment in China、foreign enterprise tax Planning、declaration for foreign investment enterprise permission、trademark registration and on on. Clients:shiseido(Japan)、wholly-own subsidiary of CNBM and so on.

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