To provide comprehensive enterprise legal services for foreign-funded enterprises. At the same time in various fields with more than 10 years of professional lawyers team, to provide professional services.So as to help enterprises solve their own legal problems.


1, perennial legal advisers;

2, corporate mergers and acquisitions;

3, overseas investment;

4, labor arbitration;

5, international trade;

6, criminal defense;

7, real estate and construction projects; 

8, securities investment;

Including but not limited to the above services.

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  • Sherry

    Registered company industry experience with more than ten years

  • Alex

    Having rich experience in foreign company registration for more than ten years. Dedicated to provide service for foreign investment、investment in China、foreign enterprise tax Planning、declaration for foreign investment enterprise permission、trademark registration and on on. Clients:shiseido(Japan)、wholly-own subsidiary of CNBM and so on.

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