Wecome Company has been engaged in the agency industry of foreign-funded enterprise registration for more than ten years. Therefore, we can help you know more about the related process, cost, time and materials of investing in foreign-funded enterprises in China, so that it is easier and more convenient for you to make investment in China. Under the case of Shanghai, China, let us learn about the process of registering a foreign-funded enterprise.


First step, what is the purpose of establishing a foreign-funded enterprise?

Usually there are two types of organization, namely the foreign-funded limited company and the representative office of a foreign company in Shanghai

1. If the purpose of your investment in China is only to engage in the business activities, receipts and payments (such as charge for goods and payment for procurement) and invoicing, etc., please select  the foreign funded limited company.

2. If the purpose of your investment in China is only to engage in liaison between the foreign parent company and customers, without any business activity. Please select Foreign Representative Offices.

If you are unable to determine what kind of form is suitable for a moment, please consult a lawyer or send mail to [email protected], and we will provide free advice.


Second step, you should select a registered region after completing the first step.

Only when the registered region is selected, can we examine the name of the company to be established at the regional government department.

You can personally provide or entrust us to provide a registration address.

If the address is provided by yourself, then the business building or office building, property ownership certificate and lease agreement must be required.

We usually help you deal with all documents relating to the address, and the address fee will be charged from RMB 4,000 to RMB 10,000 per year.


Third step, after the above two steps are determined, you need to start preparing the following materials:

1. Original investors’ certificates:

The natural person shareholders shall provide the original passport;

The foreign company shareholders shall provide the original notarized certificate of incorporation and the original authenticated documents of Chinese Embassy in their country, in duplicate.

2. Proportion of shares, scope of business and amount of registered capital

3. Names of the company to be established, more than 10 names recommended

4. Original identity certificates of the legal person, the director and the supervisor

After receiving your information, we will draw up related establishment documents of the government department, then the shareholders will sign the completed documents


Fourth step, enter the registration process formally.

1. Company name query

2. Receiving the name approval notice

3. Record on the website of commission of commerce

4. Submitting paper documents to commission of commerce (after the online record is completed)

5. Receiving the record certificate issued by commission of commerce

6. Submitting documents to the industry and commerce department for approval

7. Receiving a business license

8. Record in the public security bureau

9. Carving of official seal

10. Tax-related archival filing

Time: It will take about 30 working days to finish the whole process, but your cooperation is also very important in order to complete the registration as soon as possible. For example, if the company name is the same as that of other enterprises in the governmental database at the time of query, then the name should be timely changed; the documents to be submitted should be signed as soon as possible; the above will affect the registration time.

The financial agent is very important after the completion of registration. For this part, please pay your attention to our another article:


Financial agent

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Any enterprise or individual may not use the above words as a commercial purpose. Once founded, Wecome will reserve the right to defend its own interests by law.

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