Catalogue of Prohibited Industries for Foreign Investment (Amended in 2017)

1. Research and development, breeding, and planting of China's rare and special varieties, and production of relevant breeding materials (including quality genes in planting, animal husbandry, and fishery industries)

2. Breeding of genetically modified crops, livestock and poultry and aquatic fingerlings, and production of genetically modified seeds

3. Fishing in the sea area and inland waters under China's jurisdiction

4. Exploration and exploitation of tungsten, molybdenum, tin, stibonium and fluorite

5. Exploration, exploitation and ore dressing of rare earth

6. Exploration, exploitation and ore dressing of radioactive minerals

7. Application of processing techniques such as steaming, stir-frying, roasting, moxibustion, and calcination for making small pieces of ready-to-use traditional Chinese medicines; and production of secret prescription products of Chinese patent medicines

8. Smelting and processing of radioactive minerals, and production of nuclear fuels

9. Manufacturing of weapons and ammunitions

10. Production of rice paper and ink ingot

11. Air traffic control

12. Postal companies; domestic express delivery of letters

13. Wholesale and retail of tobacco, cigarette, redrying tobacco and other tobacco products

14. Social survey

15. Consultation on Chinese legal affairs (except for the offering of information relating to the influence of Chinese legal environment)

16. Development and application of human stem cell and genetic diagnosis & treatment technologies

17. Geodetic surveying, marine charting, aerial photography for surveying and mapping purposes, ground mobile surveying, administrative boundary surveying and mapping, compilation of topographic map, world administrative map, national administrative map, administrative map at provincial level or below, national school map, local school map, true three-dimensional map and navigating digital map; local geological mapping, and survey for mineral geology, physical geography, geochemistry, hydrogeology, environmental geology, geological disasters, remote sensing geology, etc.

18. Development of wild animal and plant resources originated in and protected by China

19. Compulsory education institutions

20. News organizations (including but not limited to news agencies)

21. Editing and publishing business of books, newspapers and periodicals

22. Editing, publishing and production business of sound and video recordings and electronic publications

23. All radio stations, television stations, radio and television channels (frequencies), radio and television transmission and coverage networks (transmitting stations, relay stations, radio and television satellites, satellite uplink stations, satellite receiving and transmitting stations, microwave stations, monitoring stations, and cable radio and television transmission and coverage networks); video on-demand services of radio and television and installation services of satellite television broadcasting ground receiving facilities

24. Production and operation (including introduced business) companies of radio and television programs

26. Movie production companies, distribution companies, and theaters

26. Internet news information services, network publishing services, network audio-visual program services, Internet access service place, Internet culture management (excluding music management), Internet public information publishing services

27. Auction enterprises and cultural relic stores engaging in auction of cultural relics

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